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Recycling @ MC


shelby glenn website

Here’s the final version of my website! These pages go in order of the icon navigation. I hope you like it!

the beginning of a beautiful web page

The worst page I’ve encountered lately is the blount county website because the pictures are hideous, you can’t navigate easily, and it’s just not interesting.

Web pages I love:

goop  I love goop because it’s simple and colorful without being overwhelmingly simplistic.

milton glaser I love glaser’s site because it’s easy to navigate and brows through his work.

sarah jones I love this site because it’s so beautiful and clean!

Letterpress Project

Lamp and Blanket

My lamp and my blanket make up my homework area, which I interact with on a daily basis. I tend to surround my self with objects that have a minimalist design, meaning: stream line shape, organic line, solid color (usually pastels), little pattern, no ornamentation, symmetrical, well proportioned, and made of recycled materials. In particular my lap is white and black with a cylindrical shade and a simple base. My blanket is a lavender color with tiny flowers embroidered at one end. I interact with these object positively; I love them! I like these objects because they do a task, creating light and keeping me warm. If they were made of a different material they could be defective in their task. I think design can have a lot to do with functionality of an object, but in this case the design has only to do with how much I love them, not so much functionality. The materials of the objects are very important. The lamp is made of recycled metal and canvas and the blanket is made of recycled plastic bottles. So in this case environmental awareness was very important to the objects and to my self. I would say that these objects reflect my personality because I like things to be very symmetrical and clean. I really like minimalist design because it only uses something to make the message clear and nothing else.

Update on Letterpress Project

So far I have been able to get into the letterpress at the University of Tennessee, where I put together 3 different compositions. One is a quote with a variety of fonts; another is a simple abstract mix of fonts ; the last is the title “dada” repeated over itself (shown in the sketches). I think these three show the range of Jack Stauffacher’s work from his abstracted book covers to structured layouts. As far as text I tried to mix serif with sanserif where is was appropriate. I also used a mix of lead type with wood type. I was really limited to the type at the press and what I was able to put together in such a short period. I was very conscious about the hierarchy of the pieces, because Stauffacher’s work had a very distinct structure. The size of the finished pieces will be determined by the size and color available at the press, but I’ve peeked at a few examples that are 8 by 10 and 11 by 17, which would be similar to the sizes Stauffacher works with. I’m still experimenting with color, but I’m trying to stick to a bright, primary, highlighting color for emphasis rather than over all color or colored paper. I’m really excited to mix my own ink, which means I’m in full control of the color of every piece. Luckily I have colored paper, as well as other paper available at the press.  I’m also going to work with different strengths of paper to see how the press affects the integrity of the paper such as newsprint, construction paper, and printing paper. As far as displaying the pieces, I still want to show all the pieces I complete because I want this project to be about the process rather than the perfection of printing. I also just really like how the prints are turning out! I think it will be interesting to show people the process of how I printed each piece. I’m really happy so far!