Geoffroy Tory


Translated Latin, edited and published in latin and greek texts

Introduced the apostrophe, the accent, and the cedilla (‘ á ç)

Unique school of design and illustration

Studied at Rome and Bologna, returned to France I 1505 , lectured at the U of Paries (Le Sorbonne) and librarian

Designed early type used by Henri Estienne and Sikmon de Colines and designed trademarks

Opened his own bookselling firm where he printed books.

Pot casse trademark (figure 7-24)- symbol for french renaissance-associated with the death of his daughter

Book of Hours for Simon de Colines

3 famous books- 1 about pronunciation and speech, 2 about history of roman letter comparing proportions of letters to the ideal proportions of the human figure, 3 about geometric construction of the 23 letter Latin alphabet -o show how letters should be made.

Roman capitals designed by Tory accompanied by lighter new roman type of Garamond  -He used a square grid that foreshadows the pixels of today’s digital letterforms, a grid on which the perfect shape of a human face or body could also be set out

-Graphic design as harmonious elements of text, capital initials, borders, and illustrations

Francis I honored Toy by making him the printer to the king in 1530




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