Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite books, so I thought I would give my book jacket a face-lift. I chose to use an illustration from one of the first editions, because I felt like a sketch from an original copy of Jane Eyre is the best image for the cover. I really like the whimsical illustration of Jane because of the high contrasting lines and just the simple beauty it conveys. I also wanted to include something more flourished and decorated to reflect what a book would look like in the 1840’s, when the book was printed. The flourished boarder offers a simple touch of romanticism that I think really connects the message of the book. I wanted the book to still capture the time period in which the book was set, but also making it attractive to a modern audience. The font I chose for the title is FountainPen because I really like the continuation of thickness and hand drawn feeling the font offers. I also chose to have the author’s name in a very modern font, Helvetica Neue to further develop the idea of contrast between modernity and the time of Jane Eyre. On the spine, I included glyphs to frame the title and author. I also included the Everyman’s Library logo, but a little differently than how it is normally seen. I wanted this book to be different, not put into another classical series. On the front inside flap, I wanted one of the most famous quotes from the book accompanied by an iconic image of Emma at her window. The back holds the summary of the story and two criticisms by other famous writers. The font here changed to Times, because it’s easier to read in a large chuck of text and it also separates the title from the summary. I also included another image next to the ISBN because it’s the typical layout for an Everyman’s Library book. The back flap is also a typical list of the other classical works published by Everyman’s Library. Finally the color was also a really important decision because the color really connects the past and present. The color I chose is Pantone 503 because I wanted it to feel romantic and simple. I also wanted to create a little differentiation from the front and the flaps, so I used 70 percent opacity to the cover and 100% opacity for the flaps. I created this book cover in Adobe InDesign.


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  1. Posted by Nan Glasgow on 4 May, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    Your work is great!!!!


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