World Environment Day!

Apparently I forgot to post this earlier…

A Whole Foods bag, something open and fun, inspired this design. I wanted the poster to have an abstract reference to a tree, forests being the theme of world environment day, while also having a clean and airy look. I tried to make a poster that was more engaging with the viewer. I wanted it to be read from far away to draw in the viewer with text that gets smaller as you move down. You move through the whimsical leaves and make your way down to the title where the ascenders of the title are attached to the leaves in order to connect the two elements together. Then the color connects the subtitle and extra sustainability information. The sustainability information in the large box of text was really essential to this piece and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I think the poster provides good movement from one element to another with typography and color. The leaves were created from the center of an “O” so that the composition could be completely typographic. I chose to use Helvetica Neue because of its geometric shape and negative space. It was important to have this font because it is highly legible and readable in small sizes. Helvetica Neue also conveys a sense of modernity that I really like. The colors were obviously chosen from a realistic reference to a tree, but not matching the highly saturated colors of the WED logo. Overall, I’m really pleased with the poster and how it came together. I used Adobe Illustrator (CS3) to create the composition. The green color is # 006838 and the brown is # 8B5D3B.



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