Type Evaluation #4

I really enjoy this piece “Taking Things Apart” because it’s meant for a chemistry event and it’s definitely an out of the box design for chemists. First of all the colors are really great. The blue and green are nice cool colors, not drawing too much emphasis, but something low key, kind of like how I picture scientists. I also like the background being blue rather than white, because it’s a little more fun and interesting, which also points to the subject. Chemists think their line of work is more or less “fun,” so naturally they want a cover to reflect their line of work. This cover shows the reserved nature of science while also mixing it up a little. The text is white is also a good choice because it’s the most readable color for the text here. If it had been in black the main text would’ve gotten lost in the background. Now to the layout. The headline type makes me think of chemistry lab when mixing chemicals, I never quiet knew what I was doing and I felt like it was all going to blow up in my face. Here the text seems to teeter between falling of a counter and having the wrong chemicals mixed together. But I think this text is balanced well with the body text at the top right corner. Now for the type treatment: Helvetica Neue was used. It’s identifiers were the leg on the “K,” the treatment of the “a” and “g,” which are not common, and the terminal of the “G.” Helvetica Neue is a very legible font and in this design it is readable. I think it’s really interesting the way the designer arranged the text because it feels like element symbols. The kerning is really effective in creating the relationship, but it’s also still readable for the audience. The first capital letter and the coupling of the letters, like H for hydrogen or Na for sodium. Referencing the periodic table really connected to the American Chemical Society. Over all I think the design is clean and organized.


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