We Sustain Maryville College Identity

MC LogoBW MC LogoColor


For the “We Sustain Maryville College” logo, I was really inspired by marks of other environmental companies. I really wanted something that would quickly and easily connect the community, of Maryville College and everyone around the world, to sustainability. I wanted that relatedness to be more than just the community of Maryville College or Blount County so I chose the phrase “We Sustain.” Environmental friendliness is so important to me and I wanted that love of nature to come through in this design. I want people to start viewing the eco-movement as more than just recycling, but as a life style change. I chose to work with Helvetica Neue, because I feel it’s a highly legible, and readable font, which is very important in an identity. I really like the openness and negative space within the font. I think sustainability connects itself with a more contemporary breathable font because it’s focusing on how we can be more conscious of how we interact with our environment. I also changed the kerning and leading of the font for a tighter feel. The use of lowercase lettering for the title down plays the importance, but the size re-establishes the hierarchy of the text and the importance of sustainability. I used capital lettering for Maryville College to draw more emphasis to the type because the size was smaller. The subtle outline of the tree that connect the whole identity and the small leaf as the dot in the “i” shows the audience what sustainability is about, even if they are not familiar with the idea. I asked many people what they associated sustainability and environment with and the number one answer was trees. So I knew that element had to be incorporated. Going from that idea, I was working with a completely green composition, but concluded that the orange and garnet further relate the identity to Maryville College, whom the identity was for, so that color change was necessary. Now the identity effectively connects Maryville College to the sustainable initiatives that are starting on campus.


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