Typography Evaluation #1

This piece, “Nervous Eaters” is from the AIGA design archives. It’s an album cover from Los Angeles. I chose to analyze “Nervous Eaters” because I really like how typographers use the letter form to create meaning, In the contemporary type movement, type is used another object that can convey meaning of the content. Here the type is between a hand written font and a decorative font. It’s something meant for headlines or emphasis, not for body copy. The style of hand written, almost ink blots, create a connection to hand written. Someone wrote this title. The manipulation of the type to make it look frayed or ragged is interesting too. I like how the letters look nervous themselves. I also like how the letters seem to bleed as if trying to move somewhere else. The letter also interact with each other, further giving a sense of nervousness. The kerning is so tight that the letters overlap and invade each others space. The leading is also tight, keeping the lines very close. The centering of the type is also important because it’s floating in the center, rather than resting to the left or right. Perhaps the type is calling attention to people who eat when they’re nervous, but if that was the case, I would expect the font to be fatter. I’m not sure what the content is, maybe it has a connect to the style of music. The songs could be fast paced and chaotic, which would make people nervous. It’s hard to draw a connection from type to the connect, when there isn’t much to go on. As far as readability, how the viewer interprets the type and legibility, how the typographer intends the type to look, the font is both readable and legible. On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the most readable and the most legible, I would say this font is a 4 because the nature of the ink strokes isn’t completely clear. But the letter forms are not so illegible or unreadable that the viewer can not understand the type.


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