Swiss Period of Design

I’m really interested in the Swiss Design Movement. Here are a few images of the period:

The Swiss movement was all about simplicity, minimalism, openness, and negative space. I really love that even though the posters maybe simple, they’re still gridded and purposeful.

I found a really great resource of the Bauhaus/Swiss Movement! It has everything I could want to know and learn!

I’ve also found a few fonts that go well with the Bauhaus movement: Bauhaus, Architype Bayer, which were created by Herbert Bayer, Linear, Grotesk, Futua, Litera, Horatio, Doufff. For the modern movement I found: Avant Garde, and Graphic. But as these fonts are quiet expensive I looked through the fonts I have: Bauhaus 93, Helvetica Neue 95 Black, Alba Matter, and Century Gothic also looks good.


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