Levi’s New Blue Jean

Not an artist, but a company is doing something to help the environment. Good Magazine did an article about how the Levi jean company is changing the way people look at their jeans. Check out this awesome video from Levi’s. The article said, “Take the dyeing process alone: One pair of jeans requires a remarkable 42 liters of water just to turn that distressed shade of blue.” Levi has apparently been trying to educate consumers for two years. They first changed their label to feature three environmentally important ways to care for your jeans: wash in cold water, lay flat to dry, and donate to Goodwill after your use. Now Levi’s have changed the way they design, sew, and wash their jeans. They have been able to save 26% of water usage per jean, and up to 96% on some styles. If you go to the Good Magazine site, you can watch a promotional video Levi’s made for their new campaign. Over all, the product is still not sustainable, but they’re trying to make the jeans have a smaller impact on the environment (sustainability- 3).

Walker, Alissa “Good Design Daily: How Levi’s Makes Jeans With (Much) Less Water.” Good Magazine. 13 January 2011. Web. 14 January 2011. http://www.good.is/post/good-design-daily-how-levi-s-makes-jeans-with-much-less-water


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  1. Engineers are definitely designers so I think they’re artists in their own right. I think that this initiative is awesome, and I think I may decide to purchase Levi jeans. I do wonder who many other companies will follow suit.


  2. who* … If I could type.


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