Andy Goldsworthy

After watching the film on Andy Goldworthy I’m so inspired! His work is amazing! One of my favorite pieces…

His work is made of materials from the environment, which makes each piece unique and beautiful. Goldsworthy definitely uses sustainable principles in all his designs. I think the relationship of materials and the functions they serve in the piece shows the biomimicry principle. I’m not sure he’s concerned with human vitality. His pieces are focused on the space and interaction, not how humans interact with their environment. All his pieces are about the space in which they’re made. All the materials come from a certain place for a specific work. Because the work is made of natural materials the work is not permanent, which is part of the seventh generation principle. I think Goldsworthy is conserving resources and materials in his works, but not necessarily in all aspects of his life. The film didn’t really touch on natural resources and energy. He did have a holistic thinking process to each of his pieces and to his philosophy of life.

Over all I think his is a very sustainable artist because his works are made from the natural material around him and have no impact to the environment. The materials come from the environment and return to their environment.


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