11th Hour

The 11th Hour film is my most favorite environmental film! It was so nice to see it after being environmentally aware for a few years. I feel like I was looking at the movie through a lens of how can I do something different. I was looking for ideas to change something in my life. Right now I try my best to use environmentally friendly products such as, Toms of Maine toothpaste, Preserve toothbrush, and Seventh Generation products. I’ve notice that even changing toilet paper has effected how much toilet paper I use, and how the sewer system degrades it. In Gibson I know the toilet is low flowing as well as all the facets, which helps conserve water. Really everything we do effects the environment and how we interact with our surroundings.

I think art has the power to challenge opinions of people in order to show a certain perspective. In this case art is used to show people how they are effecting the environment. Yesterday my group went out to collect some trash from the park and I was shocked at what we found: a broken toilet bowl, candy wrappers, coffee cups, bottles, and a bunch of zip ties. It’s hard for me to comprehend why people would just through these items on the ground when there are trash cans every 10 steps. I wish we could have environmental films playing in the park for awareness.

Seeing  the film and the trash in my own park makes me what to create a piece of art that changes people’s minds about how they treat their environment.


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