my archetype

On a typical day in January, I go through the morning routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, and eating breakfast. I might then dive into an art project or go to work at Graphic F-X, which also happens to be an art project in nature. Usually I go to lunch with some friends and then head to class. Afterwords, I finish up my homework or have some what I like to call “relax time.” I then go to dinner and proceed to various evening activities such as church meeting, homework, movie watching, or chit chatting with my roommate. At some point I go back home and proceed with my night routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, and going to bed.

In my daily life I would see myself as an engineer or a cataloguer. I think my archetype has a lot to do with the type of person I am as well. I’m all about organization and functionality. I love making lists of things to get done as well as how to get them done most efficiently. In my art, which is a large part of my day, I think I’m a worshiper and consumer. I love collecting items that I can use to express myself. I have a large collection of buttons that I intend to use on a project someday. I’m also a nature lover, so I’m also very  concerned about the state of the environment and how I can alter people’s view toward their environment. I think in some ways my art is my way of slowing down or changing how I normally act. I don’t think my art is very calculated or list oriented. I do what I feel is necessary to express my opinion about a subject, rather than always explain the facts.

Nature is various- I think when I make lists or try to figure out the sequence of my day is very much a cataloguer thing to do.
Nature is useful- When I develop a method that I use to get something done like how to construct a tea package, I think that is more of an engineer perspective.
Nature is awesome- When I finally stop to smell the roses during the day, taking a lunch break to converse with friends, is the worshiper side.
Nature is desirable- I love to collect things for current or future products, which is the consumer inside of me.

It’s hard for me to identify with an artist from the book because I don’t see them as artist, but more of scientists. I do, though, find Wendy Tremayne interesting. I enjoy scrap booking, which I think is close to what she does with clothing swaps. I think she is also the most sustainable because in her process the consumer brings their own materials and leaves with their own materials. The energy and transportation involved are common with all the artist, which I think cancels out if you were trying to add up the “good” versus the “bad” through the processes of each artist.


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