Typography Project

The assignment was to use a word and a quote to create a composition about the quote. The challenging and fun part about this project was you could only the type within the word and the quote, no shapes, or anything pre-made in illustrator. I love working and manipulating type so naturally I really enjoyed this project.

Peace. Peace is liberty in tranquility -Marcus Tullius Cicero. I took this phrase to mean that we find peace in the small beautiful moments in life, a child’s laugh, or an unexpected gift. But, I wanted to approach depicting that idea from the other side: how little things are taken away, how we lose the liberty of tranquility, and how we lose peace. Thus the gun with the silencer attached.


Imagine. To imagine is everything to know is nothing. -Anatole France. This was a hard concept for me. I decided to create a light bulb looking image but the more and more I worked with the type the more the image looked like a key hole. I think if I’d had more time I would have pursued this idea more. I wanted the image to really challenge the quote, asking the viewer “What am I looking at?” The imagination can run wild. My roommate saw it as a shell, then a feather, then a light bulb. But it’s no fun knowing what the image is, it’s nothing. The fun is in the brainstorming, finding out what the object is.


Though I didn’t intend for them to look like a series or a diptych, I really like how they look together. They create unity of the composition as a whole. I love the lack of color in both pieces because I don’t think color would have helped establish the message. I think if imagine had been in color, it would have taken away from the peace composition. Although it didn’t start out as my favorite project of the year, it turned into the best by the end.


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