Maryville College DesignLab

Maryville College is creating a new “business” for design, business, and accounting students. It’s going to be a non-profit design firm. I was so excited when I heard we would have this DesignLab on campus! It gives students the opportunity to work with real clients and get real world experiences. For these concepts I wanted some thing completely new and unexpected. The first was my take on the Milton Glaser identity with a twist. Design is all about perspective and how we can see thing differently than the everyday person. I love the backwards lettering because it not only fits into a perfect 3×3 box, but also easily read. The second design is a more abstract take on fall/MC colors. Although the “4 leaf clover” may seem to have a loose associate to CMYK color, I intended the mark to simply be a clean symmetrical symbol. In this design, I really like how the letter forms fit together and the fonts I chose. I think they tie into each other and create unity. I really love how these ideas played out.

In regards to the finished pieces, I chose the second design to display. I also chose to have a self-mailing letterhead to reduce cost, emissions, and paper waste. I felt like there was a better way to mail than waste an envelope. This decision was also influenced by the book GREEN GRAPHIC DESIGN.




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