East Meets West Packaging

East Meets Week Packaging sleeve

This packaging project was a real eye opener to the design world. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Having to consider sizes, formats and edit those based on a print was very different than sizing for a pdf that would just be on my blog. But after several edits and several mock ups, I made it work.

The idea of the project steamed from a conversation about sustainability, which can be found in a later blog. I was eager to finally see how a sustainable product would come together. For this tea company I wanted the customer to be able to interact with the product, beyond its use. So, the sleeve, with the information on it, is printed with soy inks on flower embedded paper. The cork container is 100% recycled cork, which can also be returned to the company for 10 cents off their next purchase of East Meets West tea. The tea bag is 100% organic cotton and can be composted after its life cycle. The bamboo stick is also sustainable because bamboo is one a wood that can grow quickly. I also took the liberty to invent a back story of this company: East Meets West Tea Company is dedicated to the triple bottom line, economic, social, and environmental impact. We are a fair trade company and make our tea as affordable as possible. Our company donates 10% of our annual income to Heifer International, a charity that helps  families in need around the world. All of our products are USDA organic. All of our plants run on green energy. The packaging of all our products can be recycled. If you send back your cork containers you will receive 10 cents off your next purchase. We hope you enjoy our tea.

Unfortunately for the model I didn’t have all the materials I wanted to use, but I still found sustainable materials. The cork used is 100% recycled cork. The sleeve is made of 100% post consumer recycled paper. The bamboo stick is true bamboo. And the tea bag is 100% organic cotton. The adhesive that holds the container together is the only resource that isn’t eco-friendly.

Making the model was the hardest part of the whole project! The print of the sleeve wasn’t what I wanted. It turned out about 30% lighter than the practice print, which lost the pattern in the background. The lid also gave me huge problems. But all in all it turned out pretty well. I like the idea of product but I’m kind of disappointed in the finished product.


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