Kin Takahashi Shirt

This assignment was difficult to put together. All the pieces to a t-shirt are critical, the type, the style, the font, the size, the placement, the connection. Finding the right fit was the hardest part of editing three designs to just one. I think my shirt offers a tie to the founder of the volunteering week and to those who carry on his legacy. I wanted to make a theme that would show how he has influenced our campus. “Inspire Growth” fit exactly what i wanted to accomplish and what i think Kin Takahashi Week is all about. He inspired the growth and completeness of the campus. I have vines growing out of him because he is the inspiration. They grow on to the back of the shirt and end at the “supporter.” I wanted to connect what he did to the people that are now taking that inspiration and putting it into practice. I moved away from the word volunteer because of the connotation of free labor. Supporters of the campus are those who help make this campus a better place. I really like the finished design. The composition works well together to create a sense of community.



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