Color Vibration Project

This was a really interesting project. i never thought that i would be mixing paint in a design class. it was really refreshing to get out of the class room and just experiment with colors. i found that mixing black with colors to make them darker, even if a small amount, was catastrophic. mixing a color that was already dark was what i did. if i needed the primary yellow to be just a tad darker i added the deep yellow. to the marine blue i added primary red to darken the color; to the orange i added spectrum red; to the primary blue i added marine blue. all these colors turned out pretty well. i found that it was kind of difficult to paint with gouche paints. they dont really like to smear. in order to have the contrasting colors present but not ruined, trying to paint them next to each other, i used two different papers. on one i would paint the warm  color and on the other i painted the cool. then i cut out the design and pasted it to the other paper. the actually project didnt turn out too badly. i think i could have cut the designs better. and i wish i had concentrated more on covering the paper better with the paints. overall i think the colors go well with each other and create a sense of vibration.


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