Advanced thumbnails

for the advanced color project i was think about doing pointillism. it’s a method that has always fascinated me. i want to portray a light pink rose with a light sky blue background and possibly the lush green stem. i do want to work with the gouche paints on a 9×11 canvas. do you think this would be too large? im thinking that i’ll work from a picture i’ve taken of a rose. could i possibly turn this into a mixed media design, working with paints off the picture?


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  1. Posted by adrienne on 20 November, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    For the advanced color modular, here are a few guidelines:

    The paper size should be 8” x 8”. It should also be mounted on black board. You can add a background to the composition, or you can choose simply to just represent the object. The more successful compositions tend to include a background for an entire compositional design (such as grapes growing on a vine). To see how to complete this design, take a look at Georges Seurat work who uses the pointillism technique. Also, you want to use pure hues of color, so no tints or shades. So, if you are representing an apple, you need to decide based on value areas, would the highlight be yellow? And, the shadows purple?


  2. Posted by adrienne on 20 November, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    And, it needs to be completed in the gouache paints only.


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