Emotional Word Thubnails

i want to do something with the word peace. because peace has such a serene connotation, i want to work with muted blues and greens. i have to concepts i’m working with. i’m not sure if the world peace theme is saying too much. should i go with the more simple design?

the background would be in almost watercolor pastel greens and blues, the text would be in black type. i was hoping to do this project by hand in order to get the text the exact way i want it.


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  1. Posted by Chase Newman on 17 November, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    What if instead of using the normal peace sign to incorporate the word peace (because right now the one on the left kinda looks like a Mercedes-Benz emblem), you used a hand giving the peace sign and made it to where one of the fingers was the vertical line of the “P” in “Peace”? I dunno, just a thought. And you could maybe paint the hand all blue and green so that it looks like the earth, or make the letters into block letters and fill them in with blue and green so that they look like the earth, or even do something completely different. That would be somewhat similar to the design you have on the right.


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