Structure Modular

This was a really fun project. i liked to see how i was using structure even before i realized it. i thought re-structuring my balance modular would be the most interesting and the easiest with the time constraint. i changed the different primary structure elements while still keeping the balance of each composition. For my symmetrically balanced piece i used more of a horizontal treatment, which i turned into a vertical treatment by switching the direction of the crayons in the background. The asymmetry i formed into a radial burst. i’m not really happy with this composition. it was really hard to keep asymmetry while having radial movement. finally i changed the radial balance into a cantilever structure. i think i may have just switched around my asymmetry and radial balance. i wish i would have had more time to work on this project. i could have paid more attention to the comments from my balance modular and worked to make it more effective. i should’ve asked more some criticism before selecting my project and before posting.

vertical vertical










radial burstradial burst












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