Space Modular

deep space shallow space

i liked this project because it made you think about perspective and how you would see things differently. i chose to focus on a guitar from a far away and a close distance, creating space in relationship with the back wall. i particularly loved the details i got to include in the narrow space. although i enjoyed it, i still don’t think i captured the ribbon or the strings as well as i should have. i like taking a organic hand to things and i don’t think that was best for this project. in the deep space, it was hard to emphasis the shape and shading because it was so far away. i did exaggerate the shape and shading in order to make the guitar more recognizable. the guitar still seems to float a bit in the space, which i think could have been fixed by using a better photo to work from. the composition size really made things a bit weird. the photos i took to work from didn’t cover the space they need to so i had to make up where the rest of the guitar would have gone. all in all it wasn’t my most successful design but i’m still happy with the results. the project did do its job of teaching me to pay attention to the space and placement of objects in a composition.


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