I was reading a book about Degas and trying to draw some of his sketches and paintings but a lass they don’t look quiet as good as his… (these are his works not mine perhaps i’ll post mine later.) He’s just such an amazing artist! It really encourages me to see that he didn’t render faces perfectly and he used sketchy lines and fun colors and the dimensions aren’t perfect, yet people see him as a master of art. My favorite piece is “Waiting” a painting of a ballerina in all white contrasting the older lady in all black. Perhaps suggesting in our younger days we’re always checking the time wishing it would go by faster but when we reach the golden years and wave them past we just sit and wait for whatever comes next.


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  1. Degas is definitely one of my favorites to. You should find the theater or dance classes and take some photos, and use your charcoal and chalk pastels. Remember to spray it with hair spray, or put wax paper between the pages.


  2. Oh I love talking about Degas in my class.


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