Shape Modular

I experimented with geometrical, ambiguous, and organic shapes to portray a similar frog. I had the most trouble with the ambiguous shapes because I couldn’t really grasp how to create a shape that you can’t interpret in a direct way. My favorite composition has to be the organic frog because it seems so real but also so animated. It has it’s own character and charm, which i really enjoy.



After the critic in class i found that some of my designs weren’t doing what i wanted them to convey. So i changed the value of the “tongue” of the geometrical frog to make it have more movement and less static. The ambiguous frog was given more white space to black the dark. and finally the organic frog was given more shape and smoothed out. I’m sure that i really like any of my designs. I think i like the organic frog the best but i don’t care for the highlights that we’re given after others though he was too boring. I agreed that he was too bored and what not but i still don’t really like the variation of values. I really enjoyed creating the ambiguous shape. It took me awhile to understand how to create the shape but in the end i figured that to keep the theme of a frog i could dismember him and play with scale and angles to make an unrecognizable frog. The geometrical frog was fun in that it reminds me of my childhood and the frogs you would see on a commercial for kids. It was just a fun project that really made me think about where the lines were going and what they created. 




2 responses to this post.

  1. This assignment reminds me of when we did the circle and cut it into five pieces, and you came up with that cool cat…I may still have a photo of it somewhere on one of my old disc.


    • Posted by shelbysee on 30 September, 2009 at 10:33 pm

      oh my i loved that cat! i found one of his eyes and his hat yesturday… i’m not sure where the rest of him is.


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