My personal favorite home away from home, Starbucks. The franchise has done an excellent job of creating a symbol for coffee. The logo shows a common font suggesting that the coffee shop is just a common everyday store. starbucks1But the interesting “queen of coffee” spices up the center of the logo making the design irresistible. One has to stare at the cup for awhile to figure out that the women is really a mermaid type creature. The logo’s intertextual message relates the logo with the specific brand of coffee. Looking at the logo myself makes me drool thinking about the coffee. If anyone mentions Starbucks or coffee or references the logo the initial response is great coffee at a ridiculously high cost.


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  1. Posted by gotgestalt on 27 September, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Actually, one of the primary intertextual elements about the Starbucks logo is the reference to coffee’s origins — in this case, the city of Seattle, the water, aka – the mermaid. If you look up the history of the Starbucks logo you will see the original logo for Starbucks and how the mermaid has changed into a more ‘acceptable’ representation for the mainstream public perception. The only place the original logo is seen is in the city of Seattle itself, down by Pike’s Place Market.


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