Campus Walk

As i walked the campus i began to notice little details i didnt catch before. I noticed that as you enter the college that there are brick signs as though trying to say that this institution is strong and reliable. ccmAlso all the buildings are brick although the admin buildings such as fayerweather and bartlet have a darker brick than say the freshmen dorms of davis or gamble. llyod and gibson have the darker bricks linking them back to the main center of campus. In terms of proximity lloyd and gibson seem to be twins and talked about together. Another interesting thing is the sidewalks. They all end at the library as to mean that everything on campus is reflecting what you’ve learned and that everything is second to your academic life here at mc. The athletics also take a back seat to academics because they are placed out of sight of a traveler looking around. Something that i didnt think about but was pointed out in class is that the columns and grandiose staircase leading to the library make a statement about how the building functions. You were down on the ground level doing your everyday things until you took the steps up to the level of learning and prestige at mc. The ccm also stands out because of the doom that contrasts to the straight box lines of the rest of the buildings. Perhaps that is trying to call attention and make people notice that there is a religious affiliation here on campus. Anderson hall also draws attention with the proud steeple flighting the American flag. It is a symbol of pride and prestige of the college. I really enjoyed seeing my campus in a new light and i’ll continue making notes…


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